Inventory third
party Generative
AI risk — instantly

third party Generative AI risk — instantly

Search, discover, and monitor third party Generative AI risk across
your vendor network without the hassle of questionnaires.

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Adopt third-party AI with confidence.

Tap into the world's first Gen AI Trust Network backed by live, vendor-verified data.


Solve Compliance, Fast

Leading AI risk and compliance frameworks require an AI systems inventory to be effective. Instantly build a third party AI inventory of your existing vendors with Gen AI Trust Network.

Track AI Adoption Across Your Vendors

Vendors are adopting AI faster than your annual review cycle can discover it. Gen AI Trust Network keeps your AI inventory up to date - even when a vendor introduces AI for the first time.

No More Stale Data

Other Risk Exchanges rely on manually collected data and quickly grow stale. Gen AI Trust Network is powered by vendor-managed data sources, so you're always connected to a reliable source of truth.

Enhance your TPRM tools with better data.

No more hopping around tools. Gen AI Trust Network integrates directly with your TPRM solution to bring AI vendor risk data into your existing workflows.

Why join Gen AI Trust Network?

Gen AI Trust Network has the most comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of third party AI systems you need for enterprise risk and compliance.

TPRM Automation

Questionnaires are slow, repetitive, and rely on vendor turnaround times.

Traditional Risk Exchanges

Other risk exchanges require manual vendor updates leading to stale data.

Risk Ratings

External asset scans lack context on vendor controls and don't cover AI risk.